Two Bucks is Worth It

Some things you see are so cheap you can't hardly find a reason not to get them. This is about one of them.

A lot of attorneys still miss the point that the practice of law is a business first and a law practice second. Other attorneys understand that but still have a hard time figuring out how to treat it like a business. One way to start is to begin reading publications that are directed at the business side of your law work because you law work should be about your business.

While in an airport lounge recently I picked up a copy of Business to Business magazine and was surprised to see how much of it was useful to the legal profession. Highlighted articles dealt with a variety of topics that affect a law practice everyday.

"Alive & Well" is an interesting discussion of the policies and politics of health care. If your law firm is concerned about health care costs, and who isn't, then you can get a good dose of health care issues right here. If you aren't at the Delta lounge in Atlanta, you can read (or listen) to it by clicking here.

If you're in charge of hiring, you probably ought to read "The Mellennials Cometh" which is also in the April issue. I learned a thing or two that I'll keep in mind for the next associate hiring and you probably will too.

There's a fascinating article on "The ROI of giving" that talks about the generous return on investment a business can get from charitable donations, a topic discussed a few months back, which deals with stats and studies that show a real benefit to being beneficial.

There's lots more in this issue, and every issue, and it's certainly worth the very modest $24 annual subscription cost. They didn't pay us to write this but, speaking of business to business, maybe they should've.