Smart Business Updates

One of the best sources of smart business info seems to be the folks at The McKinsey Quarterly. If you don't subscribe, and you care about your law business, you should get it. It's free and invaluable.

The email update is written in plain English for business people that just want to get the story quickly and simply and accurately. And much of what they write about can help you figure out how to run your law practice better and more profitably.

Here's some recent article titles, for instance:
Just-in-time strategy for a turbulent world
Creative destruction and the financial crisis
The adaptable corporation

You can see from the titles alone (and there's a whole lot more of them) the possibilities for your firm's strategic marketing planning. This is a free resource that helps you think, and in this marketplace, that can be critical.

You can get the RSS feed link here:

Ron Burdge
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