Great Site for Free Software Utilities

Downloadpedia is a great site we just stumbled upon. We all use software to do our work and it's worth a look to find a lower cost alternative to the higher cost commercial programs if you can.

They bill themselves as a free content software encyclopedia and that's pretty much what it is, with loads of free software and utilities that is largely open source, including iPod software too. Some of it is deliberately tagged as "for the experienced user" so you have a warning of what you might be getting into, but most of it is for the average, everyday user who just wants to get something done.

One of their best projects, they've put together a list of 50 great free utility programs that you are bound to find something on you can use. Everything from adware and spy programs to website rippers and pdf and more programs in between.

There's even a page with hundreds of free icons and buttons that can be quickly and easily copied for your use in powerpoints or other projects.

Highly recommended. It's worth checking out.

Ron Burdge
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