Reinventing Yourself: Where the Jobs Are Today

San Francisco is hiring computer game testers. The CIA is hiring "analysts" for its spy programs. California wineries are hiring workers. "Green" buildings are abounding so laborers are needed. In Florida, boat captains are needed for charter boats and in the oil fields.

Okay, none of this has anything to do with law. Or does it?

Many graduating seniors from the '09 class are still unemployed. Law students entering their final year and graduating in '10 may face the same dearth of opportunities. Heck, even well established law firms are struggling. So it's not surprising to see some graduates opting for non traditional work, both inside and outside the legal arena.

There's nothing "bad" to striking out on your own in such hard times. There's lots of great examples of others who left their traditional training and backgrounds to find new work during an economic downturn. Indeed a hugh chunk of the current Fortune 500 companies got their start during an economic downturn.

Thomas Edison did it. The man who founded Federal Express (Fedex) did it during an economic downturn. The stories are actually legion and great examples of creativitiy.

If your job prospects are suffering, now may be the perfect time to figure out what you love to do and go do it. In fact, it may be the very best time.

One place to get started could be the Alternative Lawyer Jobs web site here: .

There's also a great article written by Michelle Borchanian posted by the Michigan Bar, titled "Getting from Here to There: A Lawyer's Non-Traditional Legal or Non-Legal Job Search" here:

A little web surfing and you'll undoubtedly come up with more resources.

Ron Burdge
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