Marketing Lessons from a PI Firm

Jim Reed, a personal injury attorney in Elmira, New York says his firm is thriving in this down economy and he has a few ideas posted to one of's listserves that are well worth passing on here (and if you don't subscribed to TechnoLawyer, you should; it's a great way to stay on top of the law office technology).

I am very pleased to report that my firm is kicking butt in 2009. Our #'s for the year are up more than 25%. This follows several years of good results so our current success is no short-term blip. With that said, continuing success is our daily mantra and we do not rest on our laurels …

Our success is a culmination of many factors that we have been working on for years:• Hire great employees (and fire the bad ones!).

• Focus on niche practices & create blogs for each niche (ie.
• Work with a savvy marketing firm (Mark Merenda from SmartMarketing) and make marketing part of your daily "work",
• Jettison underperforming practice areas and/or partners.
• Invest in the best technology and train your entire team how to use it.

Most important of all … just do one thing, every single day, to make your firm just one little bit better than the day before.

It never ceases to amaze me that success is the culmination of many little things, done day after day, rather than some huge "new" program or project.

Check out his firm site: and his blog at:

He's absolutely right that each day you need to do at least one thing that markets your firm and makes it better than the day before. That's a great tip on how to build (and keep building) a great practice.

Ron Burdge
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