Social Media Policies Made Easy

If your firm has a policies and procedures manual, good. That puts you ahead of a lot of other law firms. But, does it also cover employee use of internet social media?

Less than a third of US employers have one, so odds are your firm is overlooking it too. But your firm needs it to protect itself and to protect your people. Mashable has a good explanation of why you may need a law firm social media policy, click here.

With all the social network sites out there, it's almost impossible to prevent an employee's workplace from being linked up with the employee's identity, even if the employee tries hard to never let it happen. There are steps the firm can take to minimize the problem.

There's a free resource you can tap to quickly and easily create a social media policy for your firm, one that fits exactly what you want. It's quick. It's easy. And best of all, right now it's free.

Do you want your employees to refer back to the firm when they are tweeting, etc? Well, they might be and you might never know it. And do you want to require them to keep it social and not discuss work activities or personnel? There's a policy for that.

Business lawyer David Canton and his friends at rTraction have created an internet web site where you can answer a few quick questions and, presto, you've got a Social Media Policy for your firm. You can even email it to yourself for quick and easy firm distribution or to cut and paste it into your manual at work. generates custom corporate social media policies based on your answers to questions online. In just a few minutes, you're done. We strongly recommend you give it a try.

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