Chicago Seminar Links May 2010

The following are links to articles discussed or used at the Chicago & Columbus Seminar Series in May 2010 on Consumer Law Issues. This list is in no particular order at all. Each link is followed by a description of the document found at the link. Also, you will need to cut and paste the link to your web browser (the links are not "active" from this list for security reasons). Should you find any link not working for you, please contact the author,, and the article can be sent directly to you. This link list will be deleted on or after May 30, 2010.

This is the link to the form letter advising financiers of a settlement offer being made under the FTC Holder Rule.

This is the link to the citation and definitions applicable for the FTC Holder Rule.

This is the link to the article on Running a Successful Law Practice.

This is the link to the article on How to Strengthen Your Claim for Attorney Fees in a fee shifting case.

This is a link to the article on efficiencies in law practice.

This is a link to the clauses of the first settlement letter to a new defense attorney that has no experience with you firm and who you want to warn that the settlement offers in your fee shifting practice is not handled like a personal injury practice.

This link is to a standard all-inclusive time slip form for law office use.

This link is for the time lip form used at case start up in a law office, to record on one form all start up activities.

This link is to an article on How to Write a Letter to a Client, intended for new lawyers but useful tips for more established lawyers too.

This link is to an article on the value to a trial attorney of never giving up, even in the face of a strong defense.

Link to the latest version of the national US Consumer Law Attorney Fee Survey report, including more detail and data than is found in the regional reports that are separately published on the NCLC website.