Why LinkedIn Should Matter to You: Using Social Media

For the new generation of lawyers and law firms, using social media will be a key part of their marketing strategy. That is particularly true of LinkedIn since it caters to professionals.

The Legal Intelligencer has posted a short, less than 5 minute, introductory video to the use of social media that marketer Gina Rubel presented at a seminar. Nicely done, it gives you a brief overview of LinkedIn and other social media.

It's well worth the watch. You can view it here:

One click back in the url will take you to a list of other informative videos that are worth a look, each on different topics. While the site is heavy on the home town lawyer scene of Pennsylvania, it has lots of articles and posts that apply to the legal industry in general. It's "Today's Headlines" feed is one of my regular subscriptions and the entire site is worth a look-see.

Ms. Rubel is right to tout the advantages of LinkedIn and other social media. Learning to use it well is the one great advantage that young lawyers and upstart law firms have in the ever-competitive legal services industry.

Ron Burdge
Helping lawyers build their success since 1978.