Part 5. How Your Web Site Can Make You Look like a Buffoon

This is the last in our 5 part series.

Last time we talked about the danger of broken links.

The first installment (Make it Hard to Contact You) can be read by clicking here.

Now, here’s the fifth and final installment . . . Rule #5. "Stoopid Speling Erors"

Okay, so now your prospects can contact you easily. Your most important content is on the top of your pages. Your site map is all straightened out. And your links work again.

But did you check the spellilng (pun intended) on all your web site pages? Remarkably, most lawyers don't.

Misspelled words in your content might sound like nitpicking, but it aggravates people who spot them and more people spot them than you think. Worse yet, they are spotted most often by persons with higher education (read, more discretionary cash on hand to hire a lawyer with).

All those nice pages of really good content and it wasn’t proofread carefully enough to avoid the spelling errors? And you didn’t know that the word “there” could end up as “their” in that voice recognition software you dictate with either, did you?

Worse yet, misspelling names of people or places can be highly offensive to some folks. And don’t try to proofread it yourself. After all, you’re the one who made the mistake in the first place.

Lots of studies have shown that writers often miss the same error they made when they were writing the article in the first place. So have a "second set of eyes" do your proofreading. You can use computer programs to spell-check, but there's nothing like a professional reader to catch syntax, grammar and spelling issues for you.

These 5 common problems we've been discussing are not all of the errors that a lot of web sites have, but they are the high points. And if you just fix these, it’ll put you ahead of 90% of the rest of your competition. And that is the whole point.