Finding and Using Social Media Evidence in Court

We just got back from presenting "New Media in Consumer Transactions and Its Implications for Litigation" at an out of town seminar for lawyers on Consumer Law litigation topics and it was a lively time. If you've been wondering how to find social media evidence that can help (or hurt) your case, there's lots of tips and links that were shared with the group.

You can read the topic's paper given to the attendees by clicking here (limited time only, so get it now) for a free download to read offline later.

Here's an outline of major areas covered (lots of subtopics in each):

A. Understanding Consumer Transaction Media Methods

B. Common Industry Listing of Social Networking Sites

C. Other Jury and Individual Person Online Research Sources

D. Social Media and Litigation Implications

E. How to Subpoena Facebook and MySpace Data

F. Relevant Statutes and Ethics Opinions
Ron Burdge
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