112 Best Business Books Collection

Internet Marketing Expert Andrew Lock
There are few marketing people who know Marketing, and Internet Marketing in particular, as well as Andrew Lock. He's been at it for years, helping businesses and entrepreneurs understand how to reach people with their products and ideas.

A sought after speaker who pratically invented the video podcast business (with a title like "Help, my business sucks" how could he lose?), for several years we have talked about his amazing and remarkable knowledge of the marketing process and his incredible grasp of using the internet (and much more) for marketing.

Want to know how he got so smart? Well, maybe it had something to do with his personal library of the very best business books written by the very best people.

If you also read business books, like us, and just don't have the time to see what's new unless you are walking through an airport - here's your chance to get a peek inside his library. Heck, you can walk away with 112 of his best books if you want.

Andrew Lock's 112 Best Business Books Up For eBay Bids

Andrew has boxed up 112 of the best business books he has ever read and put them on eBay. They just went up and for about a dime a book, you can get the best business books written by the best business minds in the country. The current bid is less than $12 (as of Nov 21, 2012) and there are 6 days before the sale closes.

We've got some of these books and have read others in his collection but certainly not all of them. We highly recommend bidding on the Andrew Lock Business Books Collection. And if you get them, you'll have lots to read every time you get on a plane - and you won't have to stop in the bookstore and pay publisher prices to do it.

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