AAA shows no neutrality in arbitratiion solicitations

Justice in an Arbitration Straight Jacket
Pic source - Consumerist.com
In public the American Arbitration Association touts itself as a neutral arbitration provider that helps people "resolve conflicts out of court." Well, actually that does not appear to be the real purpose of AAA.

The real purpose appears to more likely be to cater to the interests of large corporations and prevent consumers and ordinary people from being able to exercise their constitutional rights. If you think AAA is a neutral group that takes no interest in who is right and who is wrong but just wants to help people find cheap and fast and easy solutions to legal problems, you'd be wrong.

The are doing full blown solitications and training sessions to help teach big business how to use mandatory binding arbitration to sneakily take away consumer rights and keep people from ever being able to publicly air their gripes in a courtroom - and, of course, AAA is making more than a few bucks in the process too.

You can read more about it at Public Justice, where folks like Senior Attorney Paul Bland are dedicated to protecting people and promoting open access to American Courts and Justice.

To learn more, check out Twitter at #forcedarbitration, click here.

This was part of what we blogged about before when we contrasted the high controversy over gun rights with the total lack of controversy over your court rights. It all brings to mind the old saying about "snooze, you lose."

Every chance we, as lawyers, get - we should be telling our clients to reject arbitration clauses whenever some business tries to foist it on them. We should be leading the charge and encouraging others to come along for the ride to restoring our rights.

After all, it is so very true that Arbitration Sucks - and it is sucking Justice right out of our lives everyday.

Ron Burdge
Helping lawyers, everyday.