Free Expert Witness Tips

If you'd like to get a free newsletter that periodically has tips on how to make the most of an expert witness, including pitfalls and traps, here's a tip for you.

Flagel, Huber, Flael & Co,, distributes a periodic newsletter on Litigation Support that almost always has an article on using an expert witness. Granted much of it is often aimed at using an expert accountant or other similar expertiese, but the general tips are very useful and come in a compact and easy to read format.

The one I just received included articles title "Why proper training and experience are essential in an expert" and "Daubert study highlights expert witness vulnerabilities." Every issue is worth taking the time to read.

And you can't beat the cost. It's free. Their website has a ton of specific types of calculators that are extraordinarily useful too. Check them out by clicking here.