Staying Current with NLRG's Free Newsletter

Where do you turn for help to stay current on topics perhaps outside of your normal legal comfort zone? Would you like a free source that is brief, to the point, readable, and written by someone who knows what they are talking about? I've got one for you.

This blog might sound a little bubbly as you read thru it, but they aren't paying me anything for what I'm going to say here and you can only take it as one lawyer's opinion.

A great free source that we've read for years is the National Legal Research Group's "The Lawletter" publication (click here for link). It's a concise 4 page read with each page usually only having one article, each page a different topic or area of law, and always authored by one of their researchers, 40 of whom are full time attorneys. We've used NLRG on special assignments before too, so we know from experience that they have great research and writing skills. They've put those skills to work in The Lawletter and it shows.

The Lawletter topics are always current and the articles always very readable and very usable for attorneys wanting to know something outside of what they already know.

At least once every issue or two we'll spot an article that deals with an issue we currently are either facing or expecting to come up in a pending case file. That tells us that NLRG not only writes well, but knows what issues are hot at any given moment.

For instance this month's issue had an article on "Obtaining Testimony from Uncooperative Out-of-State Witnesses" that details, with citations, exactly how to handle that. Did you even know there was something called the Uniform Foreign Depositions Act? Did you know the majority of US states have adopted it? We sure didn't and that can come in handy for any attorney's practice.

Check out the current issue of The Lawletter by clicking here. The info is great and the price is too (it's free).