Importance of Your Web Site's Fold

Do it above the fold.

We're continuing our series on things you can do to improve your law practice economics. Today, the topic is getting more clients from your web site and specifically the importance of the fold.

Marketers call the fold of your web site the top part of your web site page that shows on the screen. It's much like what they call the "fold" for a newspaper: that part of the page that you see when the paper lays in its normal flat folded position on a table. That's important because most often the only thing that a lot of consumers see is what is "above the fold."

So, if you want to catch the reader's attention, you have to do it above the fold. If a consumer has to scroll down to read content, they won't do it unless you have grabbed their attention above the fold.

Second lesson? Make sure that on every page of your website your contact info appears above the fold too.

Web site visitors are notoriously impatient and sometimes a bit lazy. You have to make it very easy for them to contact you. You may be the right attorney for the job, but if they can't quickly and easily figure out how to reach you, by phone or email or whatever, they'll click on down the road to someone else.

So, do it above the fold. And do it lots of ways.

That means put your toll free phone number up there. Put a contact us link. Put a box for them to fill in info to send you, but keep it short. Put your email address there. Heck, put your regular (toll) phone number there too if you want. Just put lots of "point blank" ways for the visitor to see how to reach you. Make it quick. Make it easy. That way you can make a conversion of a visitor to a client. And it'll help your business too.