How Your Web Site Can Make You Look like a Buffoon Lawyer Without Really Trying

I was looking for a specific attorney in another state the other day to call them with a referral to send and noticed a problem on their web site that irritated me. The site was okay, but I had to click 6 times to find their phone number. That reminded me... there are some simple tips that can help your web site make it easier for clients to find and contact you. Here's the first of five.

Even a top notch lawyer can put off prospective clients with a web site that creates friction. That’s anything that slows down moving the shopping prospect to a retained client status. Here’s some common problems.

1. Make it hard to contact you. For some reason, lawyers get so enthralled with putting together a great web site with lots of content and slick graphics that they forget the purpose of the site. Some tend to think that their web site only needs to have one place where your e-mail or phone number might appear so that the prospective client can contact you. And then they hide it.

That's not only wrong, it's silly too.

If you went thru the trouble of building a great site so it would get noticed by the search engines, and the client went through the trouble of searching for your web site and then found it, you should make it easy as possible for them to become your client.

Think of it this way: Click, Call, Mail, Stop by. That’s how easy it should be for people to contact you.

At the very least, your phone number and e-mail link should be on every web page. And not at the bottom of the page, either.

We'll continue this series with four more tips so subscribe to our coaching blog or stop back soon to read the rest of our tips on how your web site can look its best and do its best to attract new clients for you. These won't be all the common problems a lot of web sites have, but they are the high points.

And if you just fix these 5 problems we will point out, then it’ll put you ahead of 90% of the rest of your competition.