Small Law Firm Break-Even Analyzer

With a tip of the hat to Texas attorney Jim McMillen, a Consumer Law attorney in Houston, we just learned about the Small Business Break-Even Analyzer program. It's free and it takes info about your small business and generates a month by month table for the next five years that can predict when a business can reach a break-even point.

While not intended for lawyers starting out on their own, the program can be used for it and can help young lawyers put on their entrepreneurial hat and plan their business future much better than the old pen and paper approach.

It's just one of several online services you can get free from You can comjpare different scenarios, see what happens when you increase (or decreas) your income or expenses, and it reminds you of the categories of expenses that you have to account for.

We highly recommend every young lawyer try it out before you strike out solo on your own.

Ron Burdge
Helping lawyers run their business, since 1978.