Free Seminar on the Importance of Web Site Content

If you haven't heard of him, Jay Fleischman is very internet savvy and he's offering a free 90 minute web conference presentation to talk about the importance of web site content to your law firm's bottom line.

I strongly recommend you consider tapping into this free opportunity.

The seminar is called "Why Content Matters - And How to Make Your Mark" and he'll be talking about how you can get off the idea of spending a lot of money and instead concentrate on getting your content into a quality level to spread yourself and your impact (and your marketing opportunities) over the net - okay, casting a wider net so people can find you.

He'll talk about:
* the role of content in search engine rankings
* how online content affects consumer perception of expertise
* types of content used by consumers of legal services to make a hiring decision
* how to create a content hub
* secondary content outposts (JDSupra, Ezinearticles, press releases, etc.)
* content promotion strategies (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, Tipd, etc.)
The webinar will take place on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 1:00pm Eastern time. There's no charge to sign up and attend. He promises not to try to sell you anything - just to give you information that can help you get noticed better on the internet.

Just go to this URL: [click here or cut and past the link below into your web browser]

Jay is, quite frankly, well worth paying to listen to - and here's a chance to get it for free.