Referrals Matter More Than Ever - Say Thanks More Than Ever Too

Okay. So the economy is down and business is still not back to where it was a few years ago. Don't quit just yet.

Pay attention to your referrals. Those are the best sources of new clients you can have. Why? Because when another attorney refers someone to you they are saying that they know you and they trust you. And whey they say that to a prospective client of their's - it's the best thing they can say about you.

So, don't forget to thank them. In these tough times, you need every new client you can get. Be sure to let the referring attorney know how much you appreciate the fact that they thought about you, if you want to keep those referrals coming.

A personal handwritten thank you note that is written on quality stationary or a quality oversize note card, and then sent through the US mail, says volumes about your courtesy, appreciation, and professionalism. Emails are nice, but they don't give that extra emotional feeling that a human being gets when they open up a quality envelope, unfold a quality printed thank you card, and read a personal hand written message of thanks on the inside.

It says you also care about them. And you appreciate them. And you won't forget them either. And that reciprocal thought makes that "thank you for the referral" card worth its weight in gold.