Burdge to address National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys in Colorado

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys will have its national workshop in Colorado Springs at the end of this month and topics will cover the range of consumer bankruptcy issues facing attorneys nationally.

The fall workshops are an annual opportunity for consumer bankruptcy lawyers to get in-depth education and training on bankruptcy law issues from some of the nation's experts and most experienced attorneys.

This year's two-day workshop will feature courses designed for new attorneys and paralegals as well as a more advanced track on complex bankruptcy law issues. NACBA will also feature a special series on the business of practicing law for consumer bankruptcy lawyers and we are grateful to have been invited to speak for two hours before the group.

Most attorneys are not business-minded individuals and have little, if any, business experience. Law school teaches the law, as we all know, but most of them don't teach how to run a law practice as a business. We will fix that problem in Colorado by discussing the E-Myth principles of Michael Gerber's business classics and how they can apply to the business of practicing law. Fueled by a desire to help and serve consumers just when they need it most, many consumer law offices in today's economic climate face economic and business problems of their own as they struggle to achieve business success in their law practice. While they know the law and are trained to use it to help consumers, the business of practicing law requires a different mind set and skill and we'll be talking about those and how to achieve them.

As part of that lecture series, there will be a special discussion revealing the one unknown secret of economic success that is either unknown or disbelieved by struggling entrepreneurs (and that includes lawyers) everywhere - but it works. After spending more than a decade researching business principles and philosphies, including conversations, meetings, and analyses from a broad spectrum of successful people - including business operators, economists, lawyers, philantropists, doctors - and eventually even a one-on-one meeting with an esteemed neurosurgeon on the applicable brain chemistry and the neuro and medical aspects of business success, we'll explain what it this secret is  and some of the scientific and medical evidence that proves this business secret works.

Other topics at the NACBA conference will include fundamentals, the mortgage mess, the means test, escrow payment issues, BAPCPA's TRAP-C-PA, balancing a business, using technology, and mastering all aspects of the bankruptcy process. The two days of lectures, workshops and discussions will feature speakers from all over the country and will be attended by lawyers from all over the country.

Ron Burdge
Helping lawyers help people, for over 2 years