Cases You Should Not Take - Great Article Worth Reading

Ever wondered whether or not to take on a case that you weren't sure about? Susane Robicsek, an experienced bankrutpcy attorney from North Carolina posted a great article on Bankruptcy Cases Not Taken, posted on the Bankruptcy Mastery web site (click here) on exactly this topic.

Although her post deals with bankruptcy cases, the rules of the road that she discusses are universal and well-learned.

The article byline says a lot too: the cases not taken are the ones that can keep you in business.

If you have doubts about a case nagging at you, don't accept the case until you read her article. Lots of good wisdom here and the rules are universal. It's clear that she, like so many other attorneys, learned the lessons the hard way. Read her article now and maybe you can avoid the hard road to travel too.

Ron Burdge
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