A Guy Searches Google - 2 result comparisons tell the whole story

Gyi Tsakalakis, is co-founder of AttorneySync Law Firm Internet Marketing, and has a great post on the importance of spreading your info across various sources on the internet in order maximize the points where you can be accessed by a potential client who is looking for a local attorney.

And his two comparisons is not far off the mark either.

There is no question that any attorney who wants to rise above the everyday internet buzz is an attorney who needs to frequently be online with all the sources that are out there for that purpose, and there are lots of them.

If you haven't claimed your Avvo profile, go do it.

If you haven't set up a Google's Places listing for your firm, go do it.

If you haven't claimed your your JDSupra profile, go do it.

Those three are a minimum - and you should check out the AttorneySync article for even more tips - click here.

Ron Burdge
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